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Jaguar escapes, kills 6 animals at New Orleans zoo

Bear killed in recreation area near Lake Minnetonka

4 hospitalized after Pamplona's running of the bulls

Hissing alligator shot by deputy after girl forced to climb tree in Florida

Alaskan husky helps rescue injured hiker near Anchorage

Small herd of cattle on the loose in Fosston for 1-2 hours

1 of 2 puppies found in Apple Valley dumpster dies

North Dakota sees drop in spring pheasant population

Minnesota pooch wins World’s Ugliest Dog crown

Dog of officer and wife killed in crash adopted by fellow officer

Man finds rattlesnake under hood while trying to jump-start car

Grandmother strangles bobcat to death in front yard in Georgia

North Dakota author details comeback of American buffalo

23-foot-long python swallows Indonesian woman

Climbing raccoon bobblehead coming soon

Pit bull rescues family, pulls baby from raging fire

Police rescue 12 ducklings trapped in sewer in West St. Paul

Search teams find body of woman missing in suspected alligator attack

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