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Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger

AP’s gift ideas for yogis, gym rats and wellness lovers

In only 4 days, Taylor Swift sells the most albums of 2017

The Great North Pole

It's a Wonderful Night event

Fun winter gear

Kristi and Chris talk Bison football, Christmas shopping and much more

Usher’s House Opens Food Truck.

Kristi and Chris talk Deadpool film, national junk food day and much more!

North Dakota Today: 'Tis the season for holiday feuds

Acupuncture and Foot Pain

You're Buying a Home...So Who Pays the Closing Costs?

Home of Economy how to make turkey

Cash Wise products you need at your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving appetizers with Breadsmith

Cooking and Reusing Turkey

Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Bark and Pecan Pie Cookies

Three-Course Family Style Thanksgiving Dinner

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