Some in LGBTQ community say coming out in certain cultures is difficult

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WEST FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) - A West Fargo dad is out on bail after being accused of pointing a gun at his daughter and threatening to kill her.

Kamiran Bakir was arrested at a West Fargo gas station after police say he terrorized his teenage daughter. In court documents, Bakir admits to being upset at her for coming out as a lesbian. A relative says he was upset due to his religion, which court documents say officials believe is Muslim.

Valley News Team's Crime and Safety Reporter Nicole Johnson spoke to people about the difficulties of coming out, especially for certain cultures.

"What this guy did was just to take the law in his own hands, and decided upon himself. He was not being guided by his holy book or his faith to do what he did," says Foizia Haidar. She was sad to hear that a dad was accused of threatening his lesbian daughter. "That's not how you behave, that's not what you should do."

Haidar says as a Muslim homosexuality is unacceptable, but each family deals with it differently. Adding, there are many other religions that teach the same.

"There are a lot of religious churches in this area that are accepting to LGBTQ individuals but, certain religions are not very accepting of it, and also the conservative values of this area, and political beliefs and what not,” says a local LGBTQ member. "I came out of the closet 6 years ago and my parents necessarily understand it, as time went on, they kind of started to accept me. And in that aspect I am privileged to have the parents that I have because I could have been kicked out of my house. I could have been homeless, I could have gone through a lot more stuff, than I did.”

He goes on to say, "Some people feel like they can't come out because of the culture."

People in the LGBTQ community say regardless of your belief system, education can solve a lot of problems that surround people coming out.