Murder Victim's Friend Speaks Out

45 Year Old Clarence Flowers
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Fargo Police have charged 35-year-old Ashley Hunter with two counts of murder. He is accused of violently murdering 45-year-old Clarence Flowers Monday and a 25-year-old man Tuesday.

Family and friends of Clarence Flowers say they are shocked to hear their brother is gone. Mitchell Spitzmiller considers himself as close as family to Flowers and is shocked this happened in Fargo.

"I'm very shocked and actually mortified honestly. To think this can happen to a guy like that, it seems like everything is going downhill recently," said friend Mitchell Spitzmiller.

Spitzmiller has known Flowers for the past year. He considers him a good guy and hung out with him earlier Monday.

"We were really good friends but when I had a moment where I was screwing up, he had no problem come in there and putting me on the right path with an occasional big brother slap to the head," said Spitzmiller.

Police have confirmed that Ashley Hunter and Flowers knew each other.

Spitzmiller said Hunter and Flowers had a dispute in a parking lot just weeks ago.

"I don't even know what the heck Ashley's problem was. I really can't say what I want to say, but yea I hope he gets what is coming," Spitzmiller explained to Valley News Live.

He said Flowers was not confrontational and will be missed.

"I honestly can't fathom why anyone would do this to him," said Spitzmiller.

No arraignment has been set for Hunter yet.

Police have not officially released the names of the murder victims yet. They plan to do that Wednesday at 10 a.m.