Minnesota ticks are arriving early this spring

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MINNETRISTA, Minn. - (KARE TV) If you’re thinking you’re seeing ticks a lot earlier this year, you’re not alone.

After KARE 11’s own newsroom staffers found ticks in their homes, we asked people on social media if they too have seen ticks this year. And the several who responded said not only have they seen them, but earlier than they’re used to.

One of whom was Rhett Ambrose who walks his dogs, Bullet and Pushkin, a lot but usually has to stop multiple times.

“Right on cue,” he said when finding a tick on his dog’s leg. "And he didn’t even get in the deep grass. You got a nice little wood tick.”

It's another critter he’s plucked from his dogs this spring. But it's not the overall amount that surprises him, it’s finding them in March.

"I just recall there was still snow on the ground,” he said. "That caught me off guard for the number of ticks we saw as early as we did.”

The Minnesota Department of Health tells KARE 11 the amount of ticks this year is on par with previous years, but a spokesperson said people may have seen ticks earlier because of the warmer spring.

“It’s just gross,” said Ambrose. “The scary part is we have these guys treated with medication. They bring the ticks in and they don’t latch on. They hop off on the coach. That’s when we find them.”

The health department suggests if you're near the woods, check yourself and your pets frequently for ticks, use a repellent for yourself and pets while outside and try to wear light colored clothing to see ticks easier.