Hunter Denied Bail, Charged with Murder and Arson

Ashley Hunter, a man accused of murdering two people in north Fargo, has been denied bail. Hunter made his first court appearance via video conference into Cass County Court Wednesday afternoon.

He is facing two charges of murder, and one charge of arson. Hunter is accused of murdering 45-year-old Clarence Flowers Monday, and 24-year-old Sam Traut, whose body was discovered Tuesday.

"First off, I don't understand how I'm getting charged with all this stuff in one day," Hunter said in his arraignment with the judge. "You say you have proof, what proof is there to say I've been charged in all this?"

Court documents indicate Hunter admitted to being responsible for both victim's deaths, describing them in detail. An autopsy of Flowers shows he was stabbed more than 50 times with a large knife. Traut died from blunt force trauma from a hammer.

Investigators say Hunter was high on meth when he entered the house and killed Traut. Court documents say Hunter asked Traut for a glass of water, but became paranoid that Traut would call police, so he went into the home and beat him with a hammer.

Hunter is being charged with arson because investigators say it appears small fires were set in an attempt to burn down the house Traut was in.