Dalrymple Gives North Dakota State of the State Address

Governor Jack Dalrymple delivered his State of the State address on Tuesday and said North Dakota's strong economy and sound fiscal management make additional tax relief possible, as well as investments in statewide priorities including infrastructure, education and meeting the challenges of growth.

"Two years ago I stood before you and reported that the state of our state was strong," Dalrymple said. "Today, I am pleased to tell you that we've made great progress since then, and that North Dakota is stronger than ever."

North Dakota has reduced taxes by $4.3 billion since 2009, and Dalrymple recommended that the legislature make even more tax relief a priority. The legislature also will have an opportunity to pass a property tax reform bill that provides for more spending discipline, and makes it easier for taxpayers to understand how their tax dollars are used in comparison to other political subdivisions, Dalrymple said.

Dalrymple believes North Dakota has also made progress on road and highway improvements, water supply projects and should continue to invest in the state's infrastructure needs. He adds, the state is committed to advancing critical flood protection projects.

In a news release, Dalrymple also talked about advancements in law enforcement for western North Dakota, oversight of the oil industry, and improving K-12 and higher education opportunities.