Woman says someone stole her Sam's Club Rewards

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WAUBUN, Minn. (Valley News Live) - A Waubun, Minnesota woman has a warning for everyone who uses loyalty rewards programs while shopping.

Stacie Silk contacted our Whistleblower Hotline saying someone stole over $100.00 from her Sam's Club Cash Rewards. She says, "It can happen to you, even in a small town, not even being there and using your card.”

Silk sent her husband to get groceries and gave him the rewards card that she said should had had $150.00 on it.

He came back and told her that was not the case. Silk says, "There is only $3.02 of rewards on your card, I'm like, you got to be kidding me. I said there should be a lot more than that, and he's like no, that's it."

Silk then called Sam's Club and asked where her money went. They told her she had made a purchase, and then gave her a receipt that showed someone bought Southwest Airline cards bought in Georgia.

A representative from Sam's Club tells Valley News Live there is an active investigation going on. Nationwide, they have received a couple complaints from customers saying someone targeted their rewards. They are looking into each case, and can't give details, but say they are and will work will every customer who has a problem.

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau says they are unaware of criminals targeting reward memberships, but advices people to be aware of all their account information. Just like people should watch their bank accounts and credit cards, people should know the details of their rewards for any retail store.

Silk says Sam’s Club is going to put money back on her rewards, but says she wants others to be aware of what happened to her. “That's not much, but for me, it adds up, and we planned on using that, and now we had to pay full price."

According to creditcards.com and a few other websites, scammers have been known to target other types of rewards. They have gone after rewards like hotel points, frequent flyer miles, or credit card rewards. Not only do scammers want the money, they want your information that's attached too.