The more we bid, the more we save as another Sheriff's Auction takes place

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): Some spent hundreds, others just spent their time this Friday morning as the Cass County Sheriff’s Office held their 3rd Annual Auction. The highest bidders walked away with rifles, handguns, a bow and arrow and even a motorcycle. And we’re told events like this actually help lower your taxes.

It’s our constitutionally protected, American given right to bear arms, and it was easy to see what prizes the over 50 people at the Sheriff’s Office were hoping to win at auction.

"Most of your violent crime type things which we don't' have a lot of here in North Dakota those guns can be destroyed by the court. A lot of times the court will ask that those guns be destroyed,” said Cpl. Jeff Olson.

Cpl. Olson said most of the firearms at this auction were seizures or forfeitures from the court. So what are deputies encountering while out on patrol?

“It's pretty much a whole gamut. I mean we're seeing target pistols, we're seeing self-defense type pistols, we're seeing hunting shotguns, hunting rifles, plinking rifles, I mean we get the whole gamut as you saw today it's a little bit of everything,” said Olson.

It’s not just exercising our rights, these types of events also benefit every county agency and you, the taxpayers.

“You know the auditor, the treasurer, you know social services, us, it can go to wherever those funds are needed so the more money we raise will obviously benefit, and it's a savings to the taxpayer also,” Cpl. Olson said.

While some items went for only a dollar, others fetched at least $500.
Cpl. Olson says this year’s turnout is about the same as they’ve seen the last few years.