Sears leaving West Acres makes shoppers wonder what will come next?

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Sears is one of the few original stores left in the West Acres Mall.

It's Fargo location is just one of over a hundred stores across the country set to close its doors this year.

Now leading many in our area to wonder why this one and what's taking its place?

For many people, the West Acres Mall is their "go to" when it comes to shopping.

From jewelry, clothing for the whole family, shoes and everything else in between, Sears has clothed many generations in the area.

"I remember going to it back in 1972 with my dad when I was 16," says Dan Lakeman of Borup, Minn.

It's been in the mall for about 45-years and some will even drive many miles just to check it out.

"I'd only come up here for maybe one thing and you come out with a little bit more than what you want," says Bonnie Eidenschink of Detroit Lakes, Minn.

The mall released a statement saying, "We have chosen to not renew Sears lease and they will close this spring" but contrary to what some people may think West Acres did not give this store the boot.

Sears was the one who ultimately decided to go and although the mall is sad to see them leave they are hopeful for the future.

"It's a transition period but it's an exciting time because it's an opportunity for us to make some positive changes and bring in some new tenants.," explains Chris Heaton.

In the exact same spot that used to be the store Aeropostale now appears boarded up.

The Limited also left the mall and Sears will soon be on its way out but how much of this is caused by online shopping?

The mall's Senior Vice President of Property Management says online shopping does play a role but it only accounts for about 10% of the shopping done and many stores embrace it to help increase sales.

"Stores are offering things like buy online and pick up in stores now," adds Heaton.

But as for what shoppers want to see take the place of Sears in the future...

"Some sporting thing and something like that," says Lakeman.
"Electronic stuff!" says Eidenschink.

According to a Fargo Sears Representative, Friday kicks off their "Going Out of Business Sale" and we're told they will officially close at the end of March.