Scammers Targeting College Applicants

Scammers Targeting College Applicants

Telephone scammers are known to target the elderly but a student in Moorhead recently found out those scammers are turning to college students as their new targets.

Brennan Meyer is looking forward to starting college in the fall, and like most students, he applied for financial aid and scholarships. So when a caller from an unknown number said he was granted $4,200 in financial aid, he believed them.

And Brennan had good reason, too, saying, "they read off my address, my first and last name, my phone number, and they said I just needed to give them my debit card for them to direct deposit the money."

Brennan was driving with his dad, Brian, who overheard the conversation, and thought something didn't seem right. They pulled the car over and Brian took the phone to ask the caller if they could talk at a different time.

The unknown number never called back, so Brian called the Department of Education to ask how financial aid was awarded. He was told the money would go directly to the school in Brennan's name, not directly to his personal account.

Though both Brennan and Brian agree the scammer's call seemed legitimate, they both know better now. Brian says if you're talking to someone on the phone about financial aid information, ask where the caller is from or what department they're from, and what university your child is going to.