Safe treats for your four legged friend

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It can be hard to resist passing on scraps of food to your pets but what may be safe for humans may not be safe for your four legged friends. And with today being National Ice Cream Day, you can share a few licks of a vanilla ice cream cone with your dogs, but stay away from chocolate and toppings.

Brittany Anderson from the Natural Pet Center says dogs and cats have a sensitive digestive system, and are mostly lactose intolerant. She says that foods other than dairy also aren’t good for pets, “their bodies don’t digest food either, because our food is pretty heavily saturated with fats.”

When shopping for pet food, Anderson says the label should have meat products in the first two ingredients and while whole grains are good, they shouldn’t be the primary ingredients. By-products should also be avoided, with Anderson saying, “you could be getting just the feet, or just the beaks, or just the feathers.”

Pets are like humans in some ways – they’re healthier when they eat unprocessed or raw foods. Anderson told us, “it’s going to be better for their digestive tracts, better for their teeth, it can help clean their teeth with the raw enzymes."

And when you do want to pass along a kitchen treat, there are foods to avoid like cooked bones, because Anderson says they’ll crack when dogs eat them, and can cut the inside of their mouths or their intestines. Foods like “any kind of nuts, grapes, of course chocolate” are all harmful too says Anderson. If your pet does consume something dangerous or harmful, contact your veterinarian right away and watch for signs of distress.

If you really do want to give your dogs a frozen treat today, grab a pint of pet friendly ice cream, or just stop by your local ice cream shop, since just a little cone will make you and your pup happy.