Ringless Voicemail May Become the New Robo-Call

Fargo, ND (Valley News Live) Consumers receive an estimated 2.4 billion unwanted robo and telemarketing calls each month, and under a new proposal given to the Federal Communications Commission, you may start getting voicemail from them instead.

"Some telemarketers and political groups are looking to push through a rule which would allow voicemail to be sent directly to a consumer's voice mail without the phone ringing," Dan Hendrickson from the Better Business Bureau told Valley News Live.

A company called All About the Message L.L.C. submitted the proposal to the Federal Communications Commission arguing that if a consumer's phone never rings, a voicemail can't be considered a call. But how can a consumer have a voicemail without a missed call? Companies use a landline server that directly delivers the message to the voicemail system used by the consumer's phone company, so the phone never rings.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, robocalls are prohibited, unless a consumer gives the company permission to call or if the call is from a source like schools or emergency systems. The Federal Communications Commission also ruled that automated text messages fall under the same rules as robo calls.

The FCC has yet to make a ruling on the ringless voicemail proposal, and though the window to submit a formal complaint on the matter has closed, you may still submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

To add your phone number to the National Do Not Call list, or to report and unwanted call, click the link below.