Remembering a time before smartphones ruled as Apple unveils new models

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): It’s been a decade since the first iPhone models were introduced, and Tuesday, Apple launched their newest models incorporating the latest in mobile technology, including facial recognition programs. This announcement comes at a time when most of us are glued to our phones sun up to sun down, for work, our social life and family. But do you remember those days before everyone had a smartphone?

In a sea of smartphones, Daniel Gust is adrift without a signal.
“Put your phone away. It’s all useless dribble. What are you doing?” asked Gust.

He doesn’t have a cell phone, standing out like a sore thumb on NDSU’s campus as millennials passed by face deep. But do any of these kids remember a time before mobile technology?

“Honestly I cannot, nope,” laughed Haley Albert. “But I hear stories all the time my grandma tells me you just need to get off that dang thing."

“I got my phone in like 4th grade so yeah I don't really remember not having a phone because I mean like I had one all throughout middle school and high school," said Alicia Fischer.

Before Snapchat, you had to pass hand written notes in class. Before cell phones, you had to use pay phones to make calls. Before mobile technology, you had no idea what your friend were up to at any given moment.

“It’s a lot easier to like reach people like if I’m going to her dorm I can just text hey I’m on my way please let me in the door like I’m locked out,” explained Abby Stenson.

And there was a time you actually had to memorize phone numbers, or look them up in the phone book too.

With all that new technology, the iPhone X comes with a hefty price tag at $999.