"One UND" could become the University's new branding slogan

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GRAFTON, ND (Valley News Live) “One UND”. It could become the new “branding” slogan of the University of North Dakota by the end of this school year.
UND’s new president, Mark Kennedy has been traveling the State as part of his strategic planning process at events called, "Coffee with Kennedy".On Tuesday they made stops in several towns, including Cavalier, Edinburg, Larimore and Grafton.
Mark Kennedy, UND President: “One of the things we can do to make it an even better University is… knit those all tighter together as one UND. Too often you can have walls building up between different parts of the university.”
Kennedy says he’s gathering more information from everyone at these events to plan UND’s future. It’s part of his effort to make UND the flagship university of the Northern Plains and the economic engine of North Dakota.
Grafton’s Mayor suggests more partnerships between UND and small towns.
Chris West, Grafton Mayor: “It would be nice to see if there are some partnerships that could work out for everyone’s benefit.”
Reporter: “Maybe some of that UAS business up here in Grafton?”
West: “That would be just perfect, yeah.”
Kennedy says everything is under consideration as his Strategic Planning Commission is meeting today… in part talking about the future of its new medical school school and health training facility, UND Aerospace and drone development and oil and gas research. Kennedy says his overall plan for UND and name for it should be released by May.
Mark Kennedy, UND President: “The name we’re considering for the plan right now, among others is “One UND”. There’s great power in knitting this big university as one unit that’s cohesive, that has multi-disciplinary studies, people working together from all walks of the university and making sure we’re leveraging our joint strengths. Not just our individual strengths.”
It’s coffee talk today that could wind up in UND’s plan for the future.
If you’d like to attend one of the “Coffee with Kennedy” events, there are 3 more tomorrow:

Thursday, Sept. 8
• Mayville: Coffee, 7:45 a.m., Paula’s café.
• Hunter: Lunch, 11:30 a.m., Hunter Café & Bakery, 105 Main Street.
• Casselton: Coffee, 2:30 p.m., Kerry’s Kitchen, 730 Front Street.