New phone scam is one of many in the FM area

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Cass County, ND - "We're being hit real hard here in the FM area. It'll leave when the information comes out, but I'm pretty sure it'll come back" says Tim Briggeman of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office got 20 calls from concerned citizens yesterday alone saying that someone impersonating a Cass County Deputy said that the person picking up the phone had an arrest warrant and, if they didn’t pay up by the end of the day, they’d be thrown in jail.

"100 percent of the time, if they're asking for payment via telephone, to ship in some type of payment, or wire it, that is absolutely a scam" says Sgt. Briggeman.

Scammers leave no approach untried. And whether its the latest using law enforcement to the grandson needing money to get out of jail, they all seem to be tied together.

The Better Business Bureau is tracking 5 to 6 other scams in the FM area including everything from improving your credit card rate to calls seemingly from the IRS; demanding collection.

"Social security numbers, bank accounts, credit card; these are just things that you do not want to give out over the phone" says Dan Hendrickson, spokesperson for the BBB of MN and ND.

"I think in this day and age, just knowing how many people are out there trying to get that information everyday, I just think people need to be extra protective, extra cautious."

Some advice from the experts, who deal with these sort of situations everyday? Trust your gut and not the person on the other line.

"We talk to too many people that say 'boy, I wish I paid attention to my instincts on this one; I had a bad feeling right from the start'" says Hendrickson.

"The unfortunate side of it is that people are still falling victim to this and at times it becomes virtually impossible to trace those back to the responsible party" says Sgt. Briggeman.

If you get a call about paying off a warrant over the phone, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office asks that you politely hang up and verify the warrant by calling the main office.

If you recieve any kind of call that you believe is a scam, regardless of whether you fall for it or not, call local law enforcement and report the suspected scam to the Better Business Bureau.

To take a look at the BBB’s Scam Tracker map, click on the link attached to this story.