New President plans to make UND the chief opportunity engine for ND

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Grand Forks, N.D. (Valley News Live) UND’s new President, Mark Kennedy unveiled a bit of his master plan for the school today. In part, Kennedy says UND will become the chief opportunity engine for North Dakota.
Mark Kennedy, UND President: “The number one priority is to unify the University around a mission. But I can’t do that unless I first learn, their thoughts, their ideas, their concerns. So, listening is my first priority.”
However, Kennedy says by the time the State Legislature meets this winter, he’ll have a University plan in place to show law makers, exactly how they plan to spend tax dollars.
President Kennedy says any discussion about UND’s nickname and logo is over. He says it’s wasted a lot of time over the years, and they’re going to be concentrating on much bigger things. He says one of the main things you’re going to be hearing a lot about in the coming months is making UND the chief opportunity engine for North Dakota. Kennedy says that means making sure UND and the State get their share of the exploding unmanned aircraft market.
Mark Kennedy, UND President: “There’s economic opportunity there for people of all ages and the community. But, is North Dakota going to get a share of that or is it going somewhere else? We’ve had a leadership position, but we’re getting a lot of competitors. We need to make sure we’re focused on getting our share of that economic opportunity.”
Kennedy says another goal is to make UND the flagship university of the northern plains. He says a detailed plan of his goals will be available in the coming months, after he’s finished listening to all the voices of UND.