Neighbors take cover during Polk County police standoff

POLK COUNTY, M.N. (Valley News Live) A police stand-off in Polk County had neighbors taking cover in their homes. They say gun shots were ringing out just down the road.

About 30 miles northeast of Crookston an hours-long standoff ensued. Law enforcement agencies from around the region responded. Neighbors say they feared the worst has happened.

"When you hear shots fired out here it's somebody hunting, or target practice. It's not usually somebody shooting at somebody," Hannah Jordan said.

Out here, hearing gunshots is more common than hearing police sirens. Today, Jordan heard both.

"The, pow, pow, you know? You could hear it echoing," Jordan said.

On her way to her neighbors Hannah was told by cops to take cover.

"I made them lemon meringue pie," her neighbor Leah Brault said. "It's what you do in the country for your neighbors, you know? They were a little concerned, they wanted to come down but, they weren't allowed to."

Jordan snapped pictures from in her home. And her neighbors pulled out the binoculars.

"I could see the vehicle was, where the suspect was and I see somebody kind of slumped up against the vehicle," neighbor Charles Gust said. "Like either they got shot or they were crouching down. I don't know what really happened."

The man neighbors said lives in the house where they heard shots is elderly and has Alzheimer's disease.

"Well after the shots were fired, I was kind of concerned because we didn't hear an ambulance or see an ambulance coming," Jordan said. "We just saw a coroner drive by. So we kind of thought the worst after that."

Polk County Sheriff's Office has not yet released any details about the stand-off.

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