Mpls. police increase resources after 6 people shot in a week

Police are putting more officers and resources on the streets after six people were shot in one week, Police Chief Janee Harteau said Thursday.

“We’ve put additional resources in places where we have the most crime, but that’s another thing," said Harteau. "The crime we’ve had has been across the city.”

Of those shootings, three were homicides, bringing the city's 2017 homicide total to 16.

Harteau says the shootings stem from a variety of factors.

"Some do have gang connotations, others are just arguments and fights, domestics," said Harteau, adding none of the recent cases are connected to each other.

Police say so far no arrests have been made in this most recent series of shootings.

The police chief noted that her officers are being proactive. Officers seized 26 guns in the past week, according to Harteau. The guns were either stolen, used in a crime, or in the hands of convicted felons.

Harteau added, many of the arrests her department has made have been repeat offenders.

"So the question is: why are we arresting the same people?" said Harteau, "Why are they out, able to re-offend? They will either be our next homicide suspect or our next homicide victim."

Police gave the following updates to the shootings as well as a suspicious death over the past week:

Humboldt Ave N and 29th Ave N -- June 14th
- No arrests at this point. Three squads responded within 2-3 minutes after shots were fired. One man was shot in the head, one man was shot in the leg.

26th and Knox -- June 13th
- No arrests at this point, however police have made good initial progress on this investigation as they continue to speak with witnesses.

32nd and Blaisdell – June 12th
- Seeking the public’s help, investigators are processing stolen van the victim was found in.

16th and Park – June 11th
- Investigators have made significant progress in this case, and hope to have an update in the coming days.

Lyndale and Dunwoody
- Remains a suspicious death investigation (not homicide) at this point; waiting on a determination from the Medical Examiner. Investigators continue to follow up with witnesses.

3300 Newton
- Investigators have made good progress on this investigation and are currently working to analyze recovered evidence. Hoping more witnesses will come forward.