Meth found in package delivered to the wrong address

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): We’ve told you before about issues affecting the postal service in our region. A bizarre situation in West Fargo now has the police involved. A package was delivered, a person opened it and inside were boxes of candy. In those boxes, however, a substance that later turned out to be meth.

It’s not a new concept, dealers using the postal service to make bank. In West Fargo, a package is delivered and someone opens it finding packages of candy. They tear open the candy, but it’s not exactly a sugary treat. Court documents say the person then realized they were not the intended recipient, and called police.

“I mean it's a fraud to open someone else's mail so it's not like they can go through other people's mail,” said Koral Busch.

"Man alive, I would definitely throw more people at it. And there's such high tech things going on now that you think it'd be a little easier to check different packages, especially suspicious ones,” said Trent Erickson.

Fargo’s Postmaster says there’s only so much they can do, and often packages already come to the Postal Service wrapped up and ready to go. He says they do scan about 60,000 packages a day, and they would never have enough time to investigate every item shipped.

It’s a major problem though, whole webpages devoted to discussions about how to properly pack narcotics to avoid detection. And the Postal Service says last year, they seized over 37,000 pounds of illegal narcotics along with $23.5 million.

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