Memorial ride honors Fargo rider gone too soon

Moorhead, MN - Danika Murphy was a student at NDSU who came from a family fueled by motorcycles.

“My husband and I ride, her dad built custom Harley’s, her step-mom rides, her dad used to ride but he unfortunately lost his vision a few years ago. And so we all just -- we love motorcycles” says her mother, Cindi Woek.

Danika shared that love and started riding just like the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, one night when she was running late for German class she took the interstate to school.

Cindi says that her daughter’s inexperience led to her hitting the back of a semi putting her in the hospital.

“She went through tons of surgeries. Y’know, we really thought that she was going to make it. And then, on Monday, it was very apparent that her brain injury and her heart; they were giving out” says Cindi.

The family then made the decision to take Danika off her ventilator.

To remember Danika and her passion of riding, the community came together with more than 105 motorcycles to ride in her name from Moorhead to the Minnesota Lakes area.

Other riders attending the event, understand the family’s pain and want to do everything they can to support them.

Connie Lundberg of Hitterdal lost her own son to a riding accident when a drunk driver ran into him.

“This is overwhelming seeing all these people coming out to support this family with their tragic loss” says Connie.

“I mean, I wasn’t expecting half of these bikes, and the more I sit here and the more that I see them come in, it’s just overwhelming my heart is full. You couldn’t ask for a community all the way around” says Cindi.

A community that rides for those that can’t.