Local 5K supports research into preventing pregnancy failure

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Moorhead, MN - Jason Pratt and his wife Tandy’s worst fears were realized when they went to the doctor’s and found out that their unborn baby, Mary Alice, had no pulse.

Unfortunately for the couple, it was a tragedy that repeated itself time and time again.

“We lost Mary Alice in 2008, we had a miscarriage after that, and then we had another daughter that was stillborn in 2011” says Jason.

“Of course, we got mad right away and we wanted to find answers.”

They went across the country talking to specialist after specialist.

Previously, they had a boy who was born with no complications but, to this day, they still don’t have a definite answer as to what caused the failed pregnancies.

“I think when something like that happens, you have to put your energy into something that makes a difference” says Jason.

Now Jason and Tandy run the Mary Alice and Friends 5K to help raise money for pregnancy loss research and raise awareness of the issue that has only recently been acceptable to discuss.

“Y’know, 20 or 30 years ago, you didn’t talk about it. When a baby died, you burried it. No one talked about it, but now, there’s more openess; more discussion” says Jason.

A discussion that Jason and Tandy hope will lead to a greater understanding and save lives.