Kurdish Americans gather in Moorhead to support Kurdistan Independence Referendum

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Moorhead, MN - They're many faces that you may see every day in the Fargo-Moorhead area, but today, their voices are as one.

"We love America, we are Kurdish Americans, but, at the same time, you cannot forget where you came from and who your ancestors are" says Nishyar Farok, an event organizer.

The Kurds were some of the first civilized people in the Middle East and currently have a large ethnic population in Iraq.

Their land, Kurdistan, has been controlled by country after country for more than 100 years during which their culture was under attack.

"Every Kurd knows; they have family members that have been murdered, they have family members that have been tortured, they have family members that have been imprisoned" says Kawar Farok.

"They tried to make the Kurds go away; disappear" says Nishyar.

Nishyar is a Kurdish refugee that spent 4 years in a Turkish camp; fleeing from violence in the area.

Today Kurdish soldiers, Peshmerga, are on the front lines in the fight against ISIS and their nation state is firmly under Iraqi government control.

Later this month, the president of Kurdish territory in Iraq will hold a referendum where Kurds around the world can vote on a movement of Kurdish Independence.

Today Kurds from around the area and beyond turned out in support of this referendum hoping to show the F-M community and the world what this vote means to them.

"It'd be huge. It'd be tremendous" says Nishyar.

A big vote that might finally give the Kurdish people a place to call home.

The referendum has received mixed responses from the international community, but is extremely popular with Iraqi Kurds.

The vote is set to take place September 25th.