Jesse Matson disbarred from North Dakota after Valley News Live investigation

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) After a two-year Whistleblower investigation, the North Dakota Supreme Court disbars Jesse Matson effective immediately and orders him to pay nearly $60,000 back to his clients within 90 days.

Back in January, the Minnesota Supreme Court disbarred Matson.

The North Dakota Supreme ordered Matson to reimburse his clients $59,250.

They also ordered Matson to reimburse the North Dakota Client Protection Fund for any payments made to clients on his behalf and pay the costs and expenses of the disciplinary proceeding which costs $250.

On September 15, 2015, Matson was placed on interim suspension. Because Matson failed to answer the amended petition, the Disciplinary Counsel moved for default.

The North Dakota Supreme Court says, “Matson collected advance fees from clients. He did not maintain or deposit client funds in an identifiable interest bearing trust account. He failed to perform the work to justify the fees collected, and he failed to return any unearned funds to clients. He did not have records showing how, when, or if he earned the fees. Matson did not refund client funds when he abandoned his practice. The hearing panel concluded Matson misappropriated and converted client funds and property.”

Here’s more of what the North Dakota Supreme Court found:

“While practicing law, Matson submitted incomplete and poor quality paperwork; failed to understand the requirements of hearings; failed to be aware of pertinent statutes of limitations for claims; failed to submit responses or objections to filed documents or requests by opposing counsel and submitted untimely responses; failed to review documents provided by opposing parties; failed to appear at hearings; failed to monitor the status of proceedings; failed to forward pertinent settlement documents; failed to prepare for hearings; failed to return communications from clients; failed to provide updates on the status of ongoing matters; failed to communicate and discuss the substance of settlement offers; failed to expedite litigation, and failed to provide requested information to clients. With regard to the matter involving an opposing party, Matson filed numerous documents serving no legitimate purpose, causing the attorney's fees of the opposing party to needlessly increase. Matson materially misrepresented facts when he told multiple clients he would or had completed work on their matters, but work had not been started or had not been completed. Matson also misrepresented facts when communicating with clients, courts, and opposing counsel. Matson had no contact with clients after September 15, 2015. Matson abandoned his practice without good cause or notice to clients. He terminated representation of clients without being otherwise discharged from representation, and he did not return clients' files.”

If you want to read the full order from the North Dakota Supreme Court, we’ve attached a link to this story.