Hundreds turn out to take in solar eclipse despite clouds and haze

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FARGO - MOORHEAD (Valley News Live): Mother Nature treated the entire U.S. to quite the show Monday with a total solar eclipse. While the Red River Valley didn’t get as dark as some other places, it was still noticeable. And clouds in the sky did not stop hundreds of people from attending events across the FM area.

The universe put on quite the show as the moon slid between Earth and the sun.

“He's telling me don't stare at it, but I’m like it’s pretty!" laughed MSUM Student Mason Wede about a friend’s advice to not look at the eclipse.

Other placed offered onlookers the chance the watch the events unfold, MSUM hosting two telescopes with special lenses, eclipse glasses and a contraption called the Sunspotter which reflected light onto a piece of white paper.

“It's still definitely really cool to see, especially young, well I mean really any age,” said MSUM Student Andrew Baldwin.

Whole families turned out in Dragon country, and back across the river too where the Dr. James Carlson Library played host to another large gathering.

“We had the day off and we wanted to do something fun,” smiled Marshall Lennox as he laid on the grass behind the library with his family. “These are my girls here and my little brother, their uncle here and we're just enjoying this rare occasion."

"We are watching the sun and moon change in different ways and we went inside for a little bit to get a cookie,” explained Magdalana Lennox.

"Just seeing the sun and the moon's coming and blocking it a little bit and the sun's just halfway gone pretty much,” described Katelyn Lennox.

Cookies and eclipse glasses were the flavor of the afternoon at the Library. On the north side of Fargo, students took advantage of their lunch break as large crowds at NDSU were treated to The Dark Side of the Moon in multiple fashions: the eclipse and Pink Floyd blasting out the windows.

“It's supposed to be the darkest at one but yeah it's kind of freaky. My friends invited me to come see the eclipse and I took them up on their offer. We’ve been here since 11:45,” said NDSU Student Megan Sangren.

Megan Sangren says she watched the crowd grow and grow as the sky turned darker.

It may have been a little cloudy, a bit hazy, but folks were not going to miss another Mother Nature spectacular.

Fargo-Moorhead will be treated again to a total solar eclipse in 2099, and this time we’ll be in the path of totality where it gets completely dark.