Healthier Me: Moving Your Workouts Indoors During Winter Months

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With colder weather and signs of winter, people may want to consider changing their workout routines.

Valley News Team's, Danielle Barber, explains how moving your workout indoors could help you in the long run.

Exercising outdoors doesn't always provide a well-rounded workout, which is why Sanford POWER strength and conditioning specialist, Kendall Railing, said to go to the gym.

"For us, it's good to get into some variety of training where we are going to move laterally, we are going to move backwards, we are going to squat up and down, we are going to lunge," said Railing. "You know, we get into such a rhythm with our body that we don't get a chance to work those other muscles."

For avid outdoor exercisers, moving your workout inside cold turkey isn't recommended.

"It just maybe isn't as exciting for a lot of people who are used to being outdoors," Railing said. "They like the outdoors, they like the trees, they like the fresh air and moving indoors you just have many more people, and it's congested in there."

So, athletes should make a gradual change from outdoors to indoors. But, some outdoor exercise in the winter is still okay as long as you're wearing the right gear.

"You've got your base layers on and then you've got a shell of a jacket that's going to protect you from that wind in North Dakota that we sometimes get and just keep some of that warmth in so that when you are out and it's cold, we're not getting too cold," added Railing.

Besides cold weather, the winter months bring snow and ice, which can be dangerous if you aren't careful.

"There's never been an icy patch on the treadmill," Railing said. "And, so you can get on the treadmill, it's fairly safe. We just need to make sure that we're moderating our speeds, our grades and our intensity on that treadmill."

When you're at the gym, Railing encourages athletes to switch up your workout routine and try new things.

"If you're an avid outdoor exerciser and you want to have a better outdoor season the following year, it's a great time to get indoors and to really improve your strength, maybe some flexibility, your mobility, those kind of things, so that way you can have a better outdoor season the following year," he said.

If you're new to the gym scene or just want extra help with your performance this winter, Railing recommends trying a trainer.