Gunshot reported at 52nd Ave. Walmart, but alleged victim won't come forward

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): A still developing story out of Fargo, police spent several hours responding to an alleged shooting at the Walmart off of 52nd Avenue in south Fargo. But it seems investigators walked away with more questions than answers after the alleged victim would not talk with police, and people in the area did not hear any gunshots.

Just before 2:00 Monday afternoon, Fargo Police got a call from a woman in the parking lot of Walmart that a man in a vehicle had fired a gun at her and left. The person did tell police the make and model of the car that allegedly fired the weapon. Fargo Police rushed to the scene, but didn’t find the victim and they said people in the area did not report hearing gunfire either.

“At this point everything is leading towards there is probably not a gunshot fired but again until we talk to the victim and find out what exactly happened it make it hard to verify of not," explained Sgt Travis Moser with Fargo Police.

About 30 minutes after the 911 call, a Fargo officer spotted the vehicle in question, a Chevy Tahoe, on Main Avenue and detained two people, a man and woman. Officers searched the vehicle but found no weapons. The victim still had not met with detectives or called police back.

“It makes it tough without a victim telling us exactly what happened and helping us identify the people, it makes it difficult," said Sgt. Moser.

The two people that were detained were released and declined to speak with Valley News Live. Police say they will continue to try getting in touch with the victim.

"If the victim isn't willing to come forward it makes it tough for us to prosecute anyone for a crime," Sgt. Moser said.

Police did not find anything linking the two people in the Chevy Tahoe that were briefly detained to the incident that allegedly happened at Walmart.