Grand Forks Police issue another warning after more burglary reports

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) The Grand Forks Police Department is putting out another warning to lock up your garages, vehicles, and homes after several more burglary reports in the southeast part of town.

They're asking for help from anyone with home security systems in the Shady Ridge and Adams Drive area to check their footage for the evening of June 17th and 18th. If you find anything unusual, you can contact Detective Stromberg at (701) 787-8013 or by email at

Officials say in the past four days, those areas have once again seen an uptick in the burglary reports. This comes after the first warning they put out a little more than two weeks ago in the same area.

Police say a variety of property was stolen and in many cases the property was not locked up to keep burglars out. That is why they are once again reminding people to lock all doors and windows for homes and garages. They also recommend keeping exterior lights on and reporting any suspicious activity immediately.