Former presidential speechwriter says friction is part of U.S. democracy

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Colleen Carroll Campbell was one of the keynote speakers for the Redeemed Women's Conference that took place in Fargo on Saturday.

Along with being an accomplished author and journalist, Campbell wrote speeches for President George W. Bush. Campbell said in this current political climate that's become extremely polarized, it's easy to forget that some friction was created by our Founders.

"The truth is, the Founders built friction into our democracy. They didn't want it to be easy to ram something through Congress. They didn't want it to be easy for a president to pass his agenda. They also didn't want it to be easy for judges to decide everything for our country," Campbell said. "None of those things were part of their vision. Their vision was a skirmish, a fight."

Campbell also spoke about President Donald Trump's almost daily attacks on the free press in our country.

"I never think it's a good thing to make the media a scapegoat. If you don't like what they're doing, get your message out there in a more persuasive way because you are going to have critics. That's healthy and that's good," Campbell said.

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