Former police officer's firing upheld

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) The City of Fargo’s civil service commission voted to uphold the firing of former police officer David Boelke.

During the continuation of Boelke’s appeal hearing, there was much discussion over whether or not his firing from the department was warranted.

Commissioners today indicated that the evidence supported the firing, but his attorney, Mark Friese disagreed.

"I'm concerned personally that it appears from the deliberations of the commission that everyone was in agreement that It's kind of fifty-fifty issue on whether there was dishonesty or not. In my view a fifteen year decorated veteran police officer who has a proven track record of being honest should get the benefit of the doubt." Friese said.

Boelke was fired after a lengthy investigation saying among other things, he had not filed reports, lacked empathy and was disrespectful toward the department.

He does have the option to appeal to the Fargo City Commission.