Fargo Police trying to stop bar fights, saying they ruin lives

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - If you're going downtown this weekend, you're likely to see a signs strategically placed by Fargo Police in the bar bathroom. Officer Jessica Schindeldecker says, "Everyone has to go to the bathroom pretty much pretty much when they are drinking, so we thought maybe this might be a place to remind them, and maybe they will see it and maybe it will resonate with them."

The signs read, “It was just a bar fight, a guy was mouthing off to me, so I punched him, I didn't know he was going to hit his head and die.” Schindeldecker says their goal is to get people to walk away. "It's not their intention to engage in a fight, and to actually kill someone. The majority of the time, I'd probably say 99 percent of the time, even 100 percent of the time they are not looking to cause that kind of bodily injury, but it does happen. And a lot of the times when we are under the influence of alcohol, we lose control of ourselves and the way we are thinking and you got a lot further than you normally would."

Police say they have seen an increase in aggregated assault, and want to curb it. "Maybe stop shy of having that number of drinks, whatever it is, or have someone who can recognize those types of triggers and can walk you out of there. Or get between you and that other person, so it doesn't escalate to situations where it is going to ruin and affect the rest of your life."

Police say this campaign isn't related to the fight that happened outside of the HoDo where one man died and another was injured.