Fargo Police still investigating alleged child abduction attempt

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): Moms alerting moms: that’s what one south Fargo woman says is the key to keeping kids safe after a report was made about a possible child abduction. The post was made on Nextdoor over the weekend, a mother posting the warning as a reminder to keep your children safe. And while Fargo Police say they are investigating, details still remain scarce.

This alleged abduction attempt is said to have happened in an area just between Fargo South High School and I-94. Valley News Live check out the neighborhood Monday. It’s quiet and folks there say many kids are running around most days. But this is the area where one mom said her son was approached.

The post says the woman’s 11-year-old son was riding his bike on 20th Avenue, and a man driving what could be an old Chevy Silverado with lots of rust repeatedly asked her son to get in. The post says too that the man followed her son until the child took off through some backyards, the kid reporting this to her once he got home.

The man’s description according to the post is possibly mid-20’s in age, a normal accent and a very tanned skin.

“Just hearing that happened is enough to make you put them in the backyard with the fence and not let them in the front sometimes,” said mom Brand Desmarais. “It's scary.”

Brandi Desmarais’ little ones were running around enjoying the hot temps Monday, with mom keeping a close eye. She said similar situations have happened there before.

“And so we had a talk and so every summer we kind of refresh that talk that no adults ever need a kid's help, they never ask you for help and people are tricky like that,” explained Desmarais.

The original post on Nextdoor says that police were called to investigate, the department saying Monday they’re still looking into it. The latest Valley News Live has from Fargo Police is that they are investigating the incident. A report was made and several details are being finalized. Police say if it comes back that there’s someone out there on the prowl, they’ll let us, and you know right away.