Drekker planning to open a second location that “screams everything we want a brewery to be”

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): Drekker Brewing Company is planning on opening a second location just to the west of downtown Fargo at 1632 1st Avenue North. It’s an old building along the railroad tracks. Mark Bjornstad with Drekker says it was possibly built originally as a locomotive maintenance and repair shop, adding it’s a dream come true.

“The decision was kind of made for us to expand just because of day one from opening, we’ve pretty much been at max capacity,” Bjornstad explained. “We’ve not been able to make enough beer to meet demand.”

Bjornstad says about two weeks after opening in 2014, they ended up doing their one year expansion and 6 months after opening, they ended up doing their three year expansion. Last fall Bjornstad says they added a canning line and more tanks, which was theoretically they’re 10 year expansion according to the initial business plan.

“For us, we don’t even make plans anymore,” laughed Bjornstad. “They’re all wrong, they’re all out the window. We love what we’re able to do.”

Drekker Brewing says this will give them the opportunity to go where they want in terms of their business, and stay true to who they are and what drives them. Bjornstad tells Valley News Live this will also give them the opportunity to think about “some really fun projects”, adding they originally joked and dreamed about this particular building back when Drekker was first starting out.

“It’s come back full circle,” said Bjornstad. “It’s a dream come true that we can go into this historic building. It just has so much soul and character. It screams everything we want a brewery to be.”

Mark Bjornstad also thanked the community for their support since the brewery opened in 2014.

Drekker reports they’ve been producing beer at max capacity for over a year now, and there’s not much more room for them to expand.

Plans for the new building include a taproom with open views to the brewery, spaces for private and community events, a large patio with space for food trucks and the capacity to produce up to 5,000 barrels of beer a year when open.

The new location is scheduled to open in 2018.