Dilworth garage sale supports suicide awareness

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Dilworth, MN - Community members gathered for the annual rummage sale in Dilworth, MN not only to get their garage shopping fill, but also to combat a problem that affects millions.

"I lost my step brother in 2012 to suicide and he was 18. And, not even a year later, we lost my sister to suicide and she was 29" says Hana DuMarace.

Hana lost two of her siblings to suicide after both faced a long fight with depression.

"My step brother, he was pretty much undiagnosed with depression. My sister, she suffered a long time with depression and bipolar. She had lots of hard times in her life for one reason or another and it just got to be too much for both for them the made that decision" continued Hana.

After her experiences, Hana joined a support group to find answers for the questions raised by their deaths.

That led her to joining the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; teaching everyone the knowledge needed to protect the people they love.

That's why she helped organize the third annual rummage sale where all the proceeds go to the foundation.

The event helps to offer the community a good bargain and a chance to better recognize the warning signs of suicide.

“Cutting or taking extra pills things like that can obviously be a sign that they might not want to die, but that it’s a call for help” cautioned Hana.

Another red flag to watch out for is if you get a call out of the blue and that person is apologizing for their mistakes.

"Random calls like making peace almost almost like saying goodbye in a way. Where you would look at it afterwards like 'oh, they were saying goodbye and wanted to make sure that they knew that I cared about them" says Hana.

If you don’t feel like you can approach the person you’re concerned about, it’s important to go to a loved one or trusted professionals like a doctor, mental health professional, or clergyman as soon as something starts seeming off.

Being overly cautious and ending up wrong is better than losing your loved one and being left wishing you could tell them how truly valuable they are.

"There was so much more dreams and hope and love for her than maybe she knew. And, with my stepbrother, just that he was loved and that I loved him and that he had so much going in his life; even if he didn't see it" stated Hana.

Now, all Hana has is her memories of more tender times and the drive to prevent others from feeling her pain.

If you’d like to support Hana’s cause, you can stop by the garage sale tomorrow morning from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

The address is 931 Woodbridge Circle Dilworth, MN.