Cass County Sheriff Chief Deputy is retiring after nearly 42 years

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): A man that's protected and served Cass County is retiring after nearly 42 years.

"It's come time to let someone else take the reigns," said Cass County Chief Deputy, Richard Majerus.

After 41 and half years, Richard Majerus, known to many as Rick, will take off his badge.

"If I could keep this job and not worry about any outcomes, it would be a great job to have, I think, but I'm sure I will miss it," stated Majerus.

Majerus started as a correction officer in 1976, then patrolled the roads in northern Cass County.

"I think that's about 1978," Majerus said while pointing to a picture of himself.

He worked his way up, from Deputy to Captain to Chief Deputy. Majerus says many things in law enforcement have changed, most notably, technology.

"The ability to pull up peoples pictures in the car that type of thing has really changed," explained Majerus.

Even respect, or the lack of.

"The respect is different and how people treat you, and I'm sure teachers notice that over the years," said Majerus.

Another big change is the level of professionalism in law enforcement.

"Back then a lot of law enforcement didn't have bachelor degrees but the new recruits come in today, they are so much better trained, educated than we were, when we started," explained Majerus.

Majerus says he wants the public to know that law enforcement officers know a lot, but can't share it all with the public.

"It's probably not the best time to be in law enforcement some people will say but I've had a really great run and have no regrets at all," explained Majerus.

Majerus has been recognized for his work over the years. The exercise center at the Cass County Sheriff's Office is named after him. Majerus' last day in office will be September 1st and the department plans to honor him with a going away party.