Clinton Foundation confirms $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary worked at State Dept. - Foundation didn't disclose

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WASHINGTON D.C. Reuters is reporting that Bill and Hillary's charity, the Clinton Foundation, confirms that the charity received a one million dollar "gift" from the nation of Qatar while Clinton was Secretary of State. Neither the foundation or Clinton herself disclosed the donation to the state department. The money was given in 2011 to mark the occasion of Bill Clinton's birthday. The discovery of the "gift" originally came to light through an email from Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta that was released through Wikileaks. There's been no response from the Clinton campaign since the bombshell hit late Friday night.

According to Reuters, Clinton signed an ethics agreement in 2009 to become Secretary of State that would avoid situations like this. The agreement also called for full transparency to prevent foreign money from influencing US policy.

The middle eastern country of Qatar has been under fire over the last several years for human rights abuses. Sharia law is the country's primary governing law and the country has faces international pressure over the treatment of women Amnesty International cites the country's treatment of women poorly in "law and practice" as not doing enough to prevent violence against women particularly in the home. Amnesty international also gave the country low marks in their treatment of migrant workers.

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