Police chase forces north Fargo schools into lock down - one person is in custody

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FARGO, N.D. Update

Police say they have made one arrest, and are waiting for the second person to be released from the hospital after Friday morning’s car theft and what they call a “fiasco” in north Fargo.

Police say there are likely two men involved. The first person arrested is likely the driver of the stolen vehicle, but he was not arrested because he was under the influence of narcotics. They add if they were to arrest the man, the department would then incur his hospital bill. They are waiting for him to be released before officially arresting him and charges are pending.

The second man is identified as Jesse L. Thompson, a 34-year-old man from Cavalier, ND. He was arrested and charged with ingestion of narcotics. Police believe he is the second car prowler involved in the incident.

Police add they are still investigating this case.

Original Story
What started as a vehicle pursuit quickly turned into a foot chase Friday morning that prompted the lock down of schools in north Fargo. The lock down was only issued as precaution and was lifted about 15 minutes after it was put into place. Fargo police tell us the man was seen breaking into cars near downtown. Officers found him but he fled in a stolen car eluding officers and blowing through stop signs and red lights at high rates of speed across north Fargo. He eventually got into a crash at 19th avenue north and 10th street then fled on foot before he was captured in the 2200 block of 9th avenue north.