Minor flooding on the Red and other area rivers

FARGO, N.D. The rivers around here are rising, but it's really nothing to get too worked up about.

The weather service today issued flood warnings for the Red River in the Fargo-Moorhead and Grand Forks-East Grand Forks areas.

Oslo, Minnesota is also included in this warning.

Flood warnings are also in effect for the Buffalo in Hawley and Dilworth and the Maple River in Mapleton.

In all cases the flooding is expected to be minor, and short-lived.

The Red in Fargo is projected to go about three feet over flood stage, which is 18-feet.

Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson tells Valley News Live Elm Street will be closed today.

He also says some gate valves will need to be shut-down in low-lying areas.

In Grand Forks, the weather service says the Red will likely hit 31 feet. That too is three feet over flood stage.

As for the Buffalo in Hawley and Dilworth, and the Maple, in Mapleton, the weather service says minor flooding is likely for the next seven days.

For specifics on the river levels and projections, go to the Valley News Live web page and click on the link, in this story.