Disparities in how men and women are sentenced for sex with students

"There's absolutely inequality. It runs throughout the criminal justice system."

Your commute home Wednesday evening was probably a little easier compared to what you faced in the morning. Snow showers were heavy at times, snow and ice making roads slick and causing crashes all over the Valley. While April snow is not anything new for us, were we ready for it?

The restaurant located at 3132 Broadway North, will close at 9:00 PM Sunday, April 30th. Deliveries will run until 10:00 PM that evening.

Two tractors ended up in a ditch after a semi that was carrying them rolled over.

White House Unveils ‘Biggest Tax Cut’ in History

North Dakota Legislature approves $66.5 million for Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion project

Teenage runner nearly dies from flu; says being fit helped save her life

Homeward Animal Shelter

Noon Weather

Unauthorized activity on Chipotle customers' cards

Repeat offender identified as robber of Brady's Service Center

What causes pressure to achieve?

Deer Creek man killed in crash on Highway 10

Baby booties recalled

Disappearing diapers test fertility of dairy farm's cropland

Vintage WWI and WWII guns stolen from Fergus Falls home

Late April snowfall in Fargo-Moorhead

Government shutdown: Border wall money out, Obamacare fight on

Traffic backup on Interstate 94 in ND

At what age is it okay to let your kid stay home alone? State releases guidelines

Popular KQRS co-hosts out

A couple is being charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl

UPDATE: Thin rope full of nails found tied across trail in Grand Forks placed by juveniles

For $425, Nordstrom will sell you a pair of dirty jeans

No, that wasn't an earthquake in Mankato

What you need to know about Fargo/Moorheads new recycle bins

Anti-Semitic flyers being posted around FM area

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