Police warning public about bad batch of drugs after multiple overdoses

Police are putting out a warning about a bad batch of drugs that is making its way around the Greater Grand Forks area.

Water is shut off and roads are closed in the area of 9th Avenue and Sheyenne Street.

The North Dakota State University physics department has scheduled a safe eclipse viewing using 50 pairs of “eclipse glasses” purchased for the event.

On Aug. 21st, 2017, the United States will witness a total solar eclipse.

Fundraiser exposed by KARE 11 prohibited from doing business in MN

Priscilla Presley comes to the valley to share memories with Elvis

Inmates train service dogs to help families across US

North Dakota Today: Healthy Adult Beverages

NDT: Back to School: Dealing with Change and Making Adjustments

NDT: Back to School: Dealing with Change and Making Adjustments Part One

End of summer car care and things college students should know about their vehicle

Man throws pig's foot at Somali man in Minnesota

5 hassle-free tips for protecting your child's valuables at school

Homeless Chihuahua puppies get a "newborn" photo shoot

Two men in custody after gun was displayed at construction site

Girl steps in front of toddler brother to protect him from dog attack

F5 Project has August 21st deadline to submit application for group housing permits

Worried relatives try to remove children from hospital where 68 died

Police still investigating deadly standoff in Grand Forks

'Bathroom bill' fails to make it out of Texas special session

Today marks 40 years since the death of Elvis Presley

Teen drug overdose death rate climbed 19% in one year

Obama tweet on violence most liked in history

Trump on Charlottesville: "I think there's blame on both sides"

Sports medicine doctor on how to combat knee arthritis symptoms

Whistleblower warns of suspicious phone calls

Violent, dangerous man wanted in connection with illegal radioactive waste dump in ND

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